So, I’m A Waitress Again

I hated the call center, and I quit. So, I tried a local convenience store, hated it, so I cut down to one day a week there, and went back to the old restaurant and asked for my job back. Luckily, they said yes. So, I’m a waitress again.

Today was a shitty day for tips (do people NOT realize what 20% is?), but overall it wasn’t too bad. I wish I had the energy/time to write more at the moment, but I just got home from work a bit ago and I still need a shower. I also want to spend some time with my boyfriend. We’re going out for dinner tonight, so I definitely need to get that shower. (The funk of sweat and barbecue sauce is radiating from me as we speak.)

I missed being a waitress though, and even if my boss has no idea what the fuck he’s doing running a restaurant, it definitely makes it worth it when a table you haven’t waited on since before you quit comes in and they both beam because they’re so happy to see that you’re back. :)


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