To anyone who actually reads this….

Well, hi again.

First this blog was a waitress blog – then I quit that job and went into a call center customer service position. I wanted to blog about that, but because that job took up so much of my time, I never had time to write even one single post about being a customer service rep (although now that I no longer do that, I could write some pretty interesting posts about it). Now I work at a convenience/fast food/not quite sure exactly how you’d classify it store, and to be honest, there aren’t many interesting stories about that job. I have left the blog dormant for some time now due to a lack of time and inspiration to write anything for it.

I always liked this blog, though, because it offered me good anonymity. Every other website/blog/whatever that I’ve ever had could somehow be linked to who I am out here in the real world. I guess if someone had enough brains they could still do it with this one, but I don’t actively reveal my name or any personally indentifying information here. I also like to think that the username is pretty creative, if I do say so myself, so I don’t want to just quit using it. I want to put it to good use somehow. Then, I had the idea – a personal blog along with little comics and doodles illustrating the little things that make everyday life not so mundane. However, I’ve gotta brush up on my art kills a bit (and find the patience to draw out a whole comic strip) before I can do the comic thing. Even once my skills are brushed up a bit, I will forewarn you that the drawings might be primitive at best, but that could work in my favor as it has for other web comics. For now, I guess it will just be me rambling with no masterpiece art to showcase my life. So here I go, delving into a world that I haven’t put out on the Internet in a long time – my personal life, the ups, the downs, and the sarcastic and cynical (and sometimes dark) humor that I get out of it.


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