I haven’t updated in a while….

Saturday damn near killed me. Two idiots at work who will remain anonymous booked a party of twenty and a party of fourteen….a half hour apart from one another. That was just FUCKED UP. As anyone who works in a restaurant would know, if you book a party, it’s going to be busy.

And damn, it was.

It didn’t help matters that we had the owners down there helping us out since it was so busy and Boss Man usually makes things worse. Boss Lady actually helps out, but for my party of twenty, three steaks went back undercooked. Who cooked them? Not A, the one who usually does our evening steaks, but Boss Man. He left three steaks that were supposed to be well done on for roughly five minutes (this is what A told me) and said they were well done. STEAK IS NOT A FUCKING HAMBURGER. Well done takes longer than five fucking minutes. Overall, it was one of those nights where you just want to kill everyone in the restaurant then walk out, very calm and quiet.

On another note, I turn 21 on the 5th. I’m pretty pumped about that – but I’ll write another post later in the week devoted to that whole subject.


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