Roll Call Part One – Work Life

I figured since I’m using initials (that aren’t the people’s real initials, by the way) instead of names for my co-workers in this blog, I should do a “roll call” of sorts to explain who each person is. This is part one – the roll call of people from work. Sometime in the future I may do a roll call of people in my personal life too. It depends on how involved into my personal life this blog gets.

A – Short for “Awesome Manager” as I decided in one of my posts. He’s laid back and, well, awesome, but he makes sure to get the job done. We’re pretty good friends at work and outside of work. He intimidated me when I first started there, until I learned how easy-going he really is.

C – Fellow waitress. She’s the one who trained me. She’s a big spazzy but hilarious and always a lot of fun to work with. She’s like another mother to me.

E – Another waitress. She tends to be a bit more quiet, and people always mistake her for a college student, even though she’s got a daughter who is my age.

G – Short for “Golden Child.” She is a day shift cook and the bane of everyone’s existence within the workplace. ‘Nuff said.

I – Another waitress. She’s the only person they have remaining that was part of their original crew. I don’t work with her that often, as I don’t typically work days, but every once in a while we work together. She’s quite nit-picky about things, but she’s a good person.

K – Day shift cook – she works with G and Boss Lady most of the time. She has a great sense of humor and is a very good friend, both inside work and outside.

M – Yet another waitress. This one’s tough to describe. She’s a great person, but tends to always want to be right – very dramatic too. All in all though, she’s a sweet person and we get along pretty well.

P – Yep, another waitress. She’s a year younger than me and shares my penchant for drinking, which makes her great. This is another good friend of mine at work.

R – This one is kinda-sorta a waitress. She works every once in a while, and is on the books, but usually only works a lot during the summer and during school vacations. She’s C’s daughter and is the same age as P. I went to school with her all throughout my school-going years, though we never actually knew each other that well until we started working together.

T – A dish washer where I work and a very good friend. He’s intelligent and insightful and has interesting views on anything and everything. He’s great to have a conversation with. He’s also great to talk to because unlike a lot of people, he actually listens when you talk.

W – Our new dishwasher and P’s father. I don’t know much about him yet, but he seems cool.


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