Dish Bitch Part Two

My second night of dishes. Luckily I get to go back to the front Friday after having tomorrow off. My shoulders are sore and I think I can honestly blame those hood vents. I made good time on dish tonight. I was certainly a lot faster than one of our regular dish washers….

Unfortunately, I have no interesting stories tonight. Being in the back, I didn’t have the chance to deal with any whackos in the front. Doing dishes is ultimately boringly easy work when all you have to do is the dishes. Rinse the dishes off, scrub any stuck food off, rack them up, run them through the washer, rinse and repeat (pun intended). Closing can be hard, but it was only hard the first time I worked dish a few months ago and then last night because I had forgotten a couple things and A had to tell me. Tonight I did pretty well on my own though, I think. Oh, well, there was one point where A decided to try to get me to think I had to scrub the grill bars. I just said, “OK,” because I knew he was just trying to get a rise out of me. So, it really wasn’t so bad – plus, a couple nights of dirty, hard, but sometimes boring dish work in exchange for a better check for this pay period was worth it, I think.

Just as long as those fucking hood vents stay clean for a long damn time.


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