Dish Bitch Part One

Tonight I’m working dish – what fun. Actually, it’s not so bad. Until closing, I have the easiest job in the restaurant pretty much. It’s closing the dish area that gets me, because then I get piled with the dishes from the kitchen and any dishes that are remaining out front. I’m pretty good at dish though, even though I’ve only done it once – I don’t let dishes pile up. I wash them as they come in.

The thing that sucks though is, if they’re busy, I’m missing out on some money. If they’re not busy though, I’m doing pretty well. Oh well, at least this week’s paycheck will be alright because I’m working dish not just tonight, but tomorrow night as well. Now I usually don’t do it like this – 99% of the time I’m a waitress. I only do dishes if for some reason our two actual dish guys can’t work. I’ve only done it once before. At least I’ll have a few hours of $7.25 an hour instead of my $2.85 that I usually get. So yep, that’s me tonight – the dish bitch.


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