Dish Bitch Part One And A Half

I just got home from work. You know how I said I didn’t really mind doing dishes at work if need be? I think I’ve changed my mind.


Anyone who works in the restaurant business probably knows what I’m talking about – for those of you who don’t, hood vents go up above the grill and fryers and help to get rid of steam, smoke, etc. You get the idea. They get rather gunky with all that grease, and every so often, they have to be cleaned. I work at a place where we don’t have cleaning crews who come in nor do we have maintenance people who do it. The dish washer gets stuck scrubbing them. Guess who got stuck scrubbing them tonight.

Yep. Me.

Granted it’s really not all that bad, and since it was a slow night I had the time to get them done. They did need to be cleaned. Had it been a busy night, I guess I’d be ten times more pissed about it. It didn’t really put me behind or anything, but still, it’s nasty work. My arms were covered up to my elbows in grease from those things. (That gives a whole new meaning to “elbow grease.”) I honestly have to say that it did tire me out. I could really go for a beer right now, but alas, I have none on hand, so I guess my Sprite Zero has to do. I also have those “dish hands” – you know, hands that look like prunes. Besides, it was A’s idea to do them (and like I said, it did need done). He apologized for sticking me with them, which is way more than the boss man would have done.

At least my hands are really, really clean now.


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