I Learned An Important Lesson About Cell Phones Today….

But we’ll get to the lesson in a minute.

In my second post, I talked about my chronic insomnia. Well, it’s now almost 5:30 AM and I’m wide awake. I actually probably would have been able to sleep earlier, but one of my friends needed someone to talk to at 2:30 AM and I let her come over and talk. After we talked and laughed for a while, I was a little too wound up so I decided to come back into my room and just mess around on the computer. I got to thinking about how I am getting a USB data cable here in a few days for my cell phone, so I can back up everything and do a hard reset on it to see if that fixed a lot of the problems I’ve been having with it. I happened, in my internet search on this topic, upon a video of someone going into engineering mode on their cell phone.

Here’s where the trouble begins.

I found “factory reset” in engineering mode. I thought it would have some sort of confirmation (I had actually seen “factory reset” on the phone options before, and that time it had a confirmation) before it actually reset the phone, so I selected that – big mistake. It starts to reset the phone. I start freaking out – a year of my life is on this phone, pictures, ringtones, etc. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. I select the “close” option.

It’s too late.

So now I sit here with an almost brand-new phone. The only things saved were the things on my memory card (most of my pictures, thank goodness) and what was on my SIM card (luckily, all of my contacts were backed up onto my SIM). But, I did lose ringtones and some other stuff, which makes me really sad. But maybe the cloud has a silver lining, because so far, shit that didn’t want to work before is now suddenly working again on my cell phone. But still, I learned an important lesson tonight:

Don’t fuck around with engineering mode on a cell phone if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.


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