Corporate vs. Mom-And-Pop

Honestly, I guess I’d rather work mom-and-pop.

I always used to think, when I was having an especially difficult time at work, that it would be much better if I worked corporate. You know, a chain restaurant. After reading Fuck My Table though, there are times I want to praise God that I don’t. If you’ve never seen this woman’s blog, it’s one of the most hilarious blogs I’ve ever read, and it deals with being a server on top of that (which is probably why I find it so hilarious in the first place).

I’ve never worked for a chain restaurant. I’ve had two jobs in my entire life, my current one being the only serving job I’ve ever had. Therefore, I’ve only been a server for a little over a year, as I started working there in September of 2009. It’s a mom-and-pop place. On the down side, if someone in the workplace is being a complete and total dickwad, I have no recourse. I just have to deal with it. On the brighter side, I can get away with a lot more shit. Now when I say, “get away with a lot more shit,” I don’t mean be a lazy fuck or completely misbehave. I just mean that I don’t have to worry about a manager having a complete shit storm down on me when something goes wrong, or if I don’t necessarily feel like rolling a bunch of silverware at the end of the night, and they have enough to start out with the next day, I can just leave it and not have to worry too much about someone’s ovaries exploding over it.

I also don’t get pushed into up-selling or promoting things that, while they may be good causes, people don’t want to be constantly bugged about. The up-selling is a big one for me because I just feel pushy when I up-sell, therefore, I choose not to do it. I figure if the customer wants an appetizer or dessert, they’ll tell me – I don’t have to push it on them. Plus, I don’t really have to worry about promotions that the restaurant is running (other than the daily specials – hardly any sort of promotion). I also don’t have quite as many rules to follow. (I’m a Pisces. We’re not big fans of rules.)

I guess in the end, I would rather stick with a mom-and-pop place. The only bad thing about such a place is that if I worked corporate, I’d probably take home more money at the end of each shift. Oh well. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.


2 responses

  1. Thanks for the mention. I also prefer mom-and-pop places but I wouldn’t make any money there with the cheapasses that live in my town. Ugh.

    I linked back to you on my site. Keep up the good posts, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read!

    January 16, 2011 at 2:23 AM

    • Yeah, it’s definitely hard to make money at a mom-and-pop place, but my town is so tiny that there are no chain restaurants (at least sit-down restaurants – we have a couple fast food places).

      Thanks for the link-back and thanks for the compliment – you’d better keep up with your blog too, I enjoy reading it so much! :)

      January 17, 2011 at 10:59 PM

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